Our Mission & Vision

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To develop a new breed across every business sector, ensure leadership skills in individual thrives and values to business development.


To be a first class business school in the universe proven for excellence and produce great leaders with Unique potentials in the business world.


Become outstanding unequal leaders that we portrait,

U- Uniqueness
B- Best Brain/Business Innovation
S- Success /Skills guaranteed


  • To provide Training and consultancy services.
  • To train entrepreneurs, managers and professionals to a level of excellence in their competence and their ethical approach to business and work.
  • To train individual to be able to play a part in the development of an economic humanity and of a society more prosperous, fair and respectful of the central role of the individual.
  • To provide training to trainers and ensure every business potentials in individuals thrives.
  • To also improve managerial skills irrespective of discipline.
  • To provide consultancy services, capacity building and development, Training the trainers globally and carry on technical and logistics services required in enhancing corporate growth.
  • To ensure members acquire Entrepreneurship skills and are well equipped with 21th century ICT, web design, social media, management and graphic design.
  • To establish partnerships with other Universities, Institutions, expertise in various field for efficient capacity building that leads to effective leadership and academic upgrade.
  • To provide human resources and total quality management concept needed for recruiting and training Institute via workshops and seminars.
  • To carry out public workshop, symposium, conferences on educational related matters as well as providing vocational training for participants.