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Short Time Courses and Certifications

The MBA focuses on developing salient skills like critical thinking, leadership, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social innovation. It also equips students with a thorough knowledge of the main business disciplines, analytical competencies and problem-solving capabilities in addition to strong industry engagement.

  • Do you wish to break the dichotomy between HND & BSC?
  • Do you aspire to study in foreign university that is affordable for Degree /Masters and no delay in period of study?
  • Do you aspire to be in a profession that make you highly respected in globally?
  • Do you ever dream being your own boss and employer of labour?
  • Are you willing to discover your potentials and be at the top of your career?
  • Do you need an expertise or Consultant guide to further in your academics or relevant course that suit your career line?

Admission Requirements for MSc/MBA

  • Bsc certificate and transcripts
  • Four passport photos
  • International passport
  • 5 credits passes in O’level including Maths & English
  • Declaration of Age

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Unique Business School Admits Student of various grades/discipline into Foreign University:

  • Chartered Institute of public management (CIPM)
  • Institute of Corporate & Public Sector professionals (ICPSP)
  • London Centre for Training and Development (LCTD)
  • University of Northampton, United Kingdom
  • University of Chichester, United Kingdom
  • ISCG University, Cotonou, Benin Republic
  • ESCAE Benin University, Porto-Novo
  • IAEC University, Lome, Togo

Application Costs ₦10,000. Payable to Unique Business School Account, GTBank- 0634731083